FERBI is a manufacturing plant of biocidal products based in Mosciano Sant’Angelo (Teramo, Italy).

The facilities occupy a surface of approx. 2000 square metres and are located a few hundred metres away from the motorway exit. The experience gained by FERBI since its foundation back in 1996 makes it a partner that can provide a top quality service combined with maximum competitiveness, reliability and flexibility.
Each single production process, including customised ones, complies with strict protocols. FERBI closely co-operates with its business partners, strictly controls all production processes and guarantees that all confidential information received is safeguarded.
Throughout the years, production lines have been constantly updated and optimised to increase both production capacity and the portfolio of formulations. Within FERBI a regulatory service is operating to provide support and compliance with regulations affecting biocidal products.

FERBI is the ideal partner for anyone wishing to rely on an independent toll manufacturer for the production of their insecticides and rodenticides.



FERBI’s insecticides production unit is modern, up-to-date and complies with all legal standards applying to these products. Most production processes are fully automated and this allows FERBI to be highly competitive both on the domestic and on the international markets. FERBI offers top flexibility in meeting with Customers’ requirements when it comes to pack types and sizes. Continuous production checks assure production uniformity both on large and on small production batches.

FERBI can formulate the following product types:

  • EC - Emulsifiable Concentrates
  • S - Emulsions in Water
  • EW - Emulsions in Water
  • FL - Flowable
  • SE - Suspoemulsions
  • RTU - Ready-To-Use


The powders production unit was installed in 2008 and is equipped to pack a wide range of pack types.

Jars, bags and sacks of all sizes are automatically filled. FERBI’s just-in-time production planning secures fast deliveries combined with top flexibility. Quality is assured through strict random checks all along the production process in order to obtain maximum product uniformity. FERBI carefully studies and assesses all formulations through specific tests on raw materials and finished products, conducted in the in-house laboratory.

FERBI can formulate the following product types:

  • D - Dust
  • GR - Granules
  • T - Tablets


FERBI’s rodenticides production unit is fully equipped, highly competitive and flexible.

FERBI in fact can manufacture even small batches while maintaining quality unchanged and lead time short. Automated lines and efficient production planning allow FERBI to offer extremely competitive prices both on the domestic and on the international markets. Raw materials for rodenticides are carefully selected, as they are the essential element to guarantee product palatability.

FERBI can formulate the following product types:

  • Pasta baits
  • Wax blocks
  • Pellets
  • Wheat - Cereals
  • Liquid baits

Pasta baits production is the pride and joy of FERBI; the production process and the selection of raw materials are such that FERBI’s pasta baits are considered among the most qualitative available on the market. Rodenticides can be customised for colour, weight and pack type/size, with a full selection of packages for both professional and amateur use.


FERBI’s corporate philosophy is that of providing business partners a comprehensive service combined with top professionalism.

The priority of FERBI is that of offering complete, versatile and customised products in full compliance with partners’ requirements and market demand. Thanks to the comprehensive private label service, business partners who decide to rely on FERBI can count on full support to design and create customised labels and packages and on the absolute confidentiality with which FERBI will handle confidential information . FERBI’s flexibility also applies to private label productions; in fact, FERBI can manufacture private label products in small batches, in a fast, efficient way. FERBI can formulate insecticides and rodenticides according to Customer’s specifications, can pack the products in a variety of pack types and sizes and can adapt palletisation to Customer’s requirements with the aim of maximising loads and cutting transportation costs.


FERBI operates in compliance with an integrated quality management system based on
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and with environmental certification
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 , as an extra guarantee of professionalism and commitment towards customers and the environment.

Management procedures include:

  • Document Management and Human Resources Management
  • Marking and Maintenance of Product Equipment
  • Sales Management
  • Production Management and Batch Traceability
  • Purchasing Management and Suppliers Evaluation
  • Complains Management and Customers’s Satisfaction
  • Internal Audits and Non-conformities Management
  • Preventive and Corrective Actions
  • Product quality control is performed through continuous
  • checks during production processes and through analyses
  • conducted in the FERBI in-house laborator


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