Private label

The Private Label sector is of particular importance in Ferbi's production sphere.
Since its inception on the market, Ferbi has favored production flexibility over large volumes, leaving ample space for small formats.
Today the company boasts countless customers engaged in the large-scale distribution, garden and hobby sectors, who rely on Ferbi for the production of their formulations and registrations, finding a reliable partner interested only in the production on behalf of third parties and therefore not directly involved in the marketing of the products.
This commercial philosophy and respect for the confidentiality of sensitive information has increasingly directed Private Label customers to finalize new and greater collaborations with Ferbi, formalizing agreements for the use of the insecticides and rodenticides registered by Ferbi itself.

FERBI is a perfectly structured company to ensure a very high quality, competitive, reliable and flexible service even for small production batches.
The production department is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, updated according to the most modern technologies capable of ranging with its production capacity between the different types of formulations both in the Biocide and Phytosanitary fields.
Ferbi is able to produce rodenticide baits formulated in sachets of fresh pasta, paraffin blocks, grains and cereals, pellets, insecticides and plant protection products in general, liquids including emulsifiable concentrates, micro-emulsions, concentrated suspensions, ready-to-use liquids, dispersions in oil and solids such as dry powders, granular powders, wettable powders etc.
Ferbi is able to package its products using different types of packaging such as bags, pill containers, bottles, buckets, boxes, drums, IMC and big bags. Each single production follows strict protocols, even customized according to the formulations and needs of the customer.

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