Concentrated Micro-emulsions

Products consist of liquid or solid formulations and contain pyrethroids and/or other active ingredients categories. Manufacturing processes, consolidated over the years, allow the production of high quality insecticides, effective for the uses they are intended for, and guarantee the compliance of the production chain from raw materials to finished products, and safety of workers.

Clear to opalescent liquid that forms a micro-emulsion when diluted

Ferbi srl
A microemulsion is a clear, thermodynamically stable mixture of at least three components, like as an hydrophobic active ingredient, a surfactant system and water.
Co-surfactants can be added to increase solubilizing power.
Microemulsions are especially well suited for low application rate active ingredients, like pyrethroids.
Microemulsions are particular type of colloids in which hydrophilic domain have characteristic size, typically 10nm, that is the reason why solution are transparent.
In other emulsion systems the oil droplets can slowly coalesce causing phase separation, in ME formulations this does not occur.
  • Thermodynamic stability
  • Low solvent level
  • High flash point and safe handling
  • Improved bio-efficacy due to micro droplets
  • Cons:
  • Low active ingredient content
  • Require high surfactant level to form