Suspension Concentrates

Products consist of liquid or solid formulations and contain pyrethroids and/or other active ingredients categories. Manufacturing processes, consolidated over the years, allow the production of high quality insecticides, effective for the uses they are intended for, and guarantee the compliance of the production chain from raw materials to finished products, and safety of workers.

Suspension of active substances in a fluid intended for dilution with water before use

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Suspension concentrate or flowables consist of insoluble solid active ingredients finely dispersed in water.
SCs have grown in popularity due to benefits such as absence of dust, ease of use and effectiveness when compared to other formulation types such as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and wettable powder (WP).
To formulate a stable SC, the active ingredient must remain insoluble under all temperature conditions.
  • Good safety and user convenience
  • Suitable for low soluble active ingredients
  • Absence of dust
  • Absence of flammable liquids
  • Adjuvants can be built-in for bio enhancement
  • Long lasting effectiveness
  • Cons:
  • Not suitable for water soluble active
  • Active ingredient crystal growth
  • Long term stability issues
  • Stability upon dilution