Products consist of liquid or solid formulations and contain pyrethroids and/or other active ingredients categories. Manufacturing processes, consolidated over the years, allow the production of high quality insecticides, effective for the uses they are intended for, and guarantee the compliance of the production chain from raw materials to finished products, and safety of workers.

Fluid, heterogeneous water phase containing suspended and dispersed active substances

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A suspoemulsion is a formulation containing both solid and liquid active ingredients dispersed in an aqueous phase.
Such formulation is a combination of suspension concentrate (SC) and concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW) technologies.
Multiple active ingredients broads the spectrum of activity and eliminate the disadvantage of tank-mix incompatibility.
  • Multiple active ingredients
  • Different solubilities or melting points AIs
  • Complex surfactant system
  • Stability problems
  • Broader spectrum of pest control
  • Cons:
  • Long term stability issues